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Would you like to give a presentation about Joomla! or explain an extension or feature? We are looking for engaging and enthusiastic speakers who want to share their experience and knowledge. We want to create a nice mix for beginners and advanced users. For designers, developers and people who are working with Joomla for the first time.

You can register until April 14, 2023. Depending on the number of registrations for presentations, we will make a selection and let you know when your presentation is planned.

If you still have an idea for a nice contribution after April 14, please contact us. We may still have some room in the programm.

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Want to speak, but you don't know about what yet?

Do you want to contribute as a speaker something, but you don't know about what? Let us know. We can then look for speakers on topics that we think are fun or useful.




Here are some ideas for topics:

  • Customize Cassiopeia
  • Create a site in more languages
  • Migrations
  • etc.

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